9 - Antigravity

Here we look at antigravity from the perspective of the 4D aetheric wave model.

Experimental Evidence

A number of experiments have demonstrated antigravity effects.
The most notable of these, because of it's rigor and level of detail, is the Roschin & Godin device [1], itself a modified version of the Searl SEG machine [2].
It consists of sets of rapidly rotating magnets that have shown to significantly reduce the weight of the whole apparatus.
The self rotating magnets have to be slowed down to prevent a runaway situation occurring which would cause the device to fly into the air were it not for the fact that the centrifugal forces would damage the device.
Also, electromagnetic and temperature anomalies have been observed when the device is in operation.

Another example of rotating magnetic fields producing anti-gravitational effects is the Hamel device [3]. It consists of two counter rotating wheels of magnets stacked three levels high.
This is also reported to be a self spinning device which if allowed to rotate freely speeds up until it reaches a point where the whole unit shoots up into the air.
At the same time producing electromagnetic anomalies.

Another interesting gravity shielding effect was demonstrated by Eugene Podkletnov's rapidly rotating superconducting disk [4].
When the disk is spun at some 7000 rpm in the presence of an external magnetic field anything situated above the disk loses weight.

However, weight reduction has also been observed with simple rotation of objects.
Hideo Hayasaka and Sakeo Takeuchi have reported a weight reduction in rapidly rotating gyroscopes [5]. Interestingly the weight reduction occurs only for clockwise rotation.

It would seem that the strongest effects are produced by rotating magnetic fields.
This would make sense based on our aether model which assumes magnetic fields to be movements of the aether. Thus for a rotating magnet we would have a combination of two movements of the aether giving a more dynamic motion.

There have also been a number of experiments involving high voltages that have shown weight reduction, among other unusual effects.
A good example of this is the Townsend Brown gravitor [6].
Another is the work of John Hutchison who has demonstrated objects being raised into the air by using a combination of high voltages and radio frequency beams [8].

4D waves, Rotation, Magnetism and Antigravity

How do we explain these effects from the perspective of the aether model?
One of the more interesting clues in the above examples is that only clockwise rotation produces a weight loss.
The Roschin-Godin device clearly shows that a clockwise rotation produces a weight reduction and an anti-clockwise rotation a weight gain! Why should this be?
Standard theories are unable explain this difference.

According to the aether model presented here rotation generates an aether vortex into the 4th dimension (see Inertia). Given that gravity according to this model is essentially a 4D wave phenomenon it suggests that left/right spin difference is a 4th dimensional effect.
The most obvious variable of the 4th dimension is the direction of aether flow, negative to positive or vice versa along the 4D axis.
Therefore it is plausible that a clockwise rotation makes the aether flow in one direction along 4D and anti-clockwise in the opposite direction along 4D. Thereby producing opposite effects for the two spin directions.
There are a couple of ways in which an aether flow into the fourth dimension could cause a reduction in gravitational force.

The first involves the shift of 4D nodes that results from the aether movement.
Given that the aether is the carrier of the 4D waves a strong flow of aether will cause a phase shift in the wave fronts and therefore the pattern of high and low nodes of vibration.
It is conceivable that the aether flow would cause the gravitational nodes discussed in the first section to drift at a different rate towards the planetary body, and therefore to change the force of gravity. The nodes might not only slow down but be shifted sideways changing the force again.
Note that the force of gravity does not need to be completely cancelled in order for an object to be lifted into the air.
There is always present the centrifugal force due to the earth's rotation which is overshadowed by the stronger gravitational force. One need only reduce the gravitational influence below that of the centrifugal force and the slingshot action of the rotating earth will shoot an object into the air.
More generally, if a way could be found to manipulate the nodes one could maneuver a craft at high speed. That is, the craft could be accelerated or have it's direction changed without the occupants feeling any inertial forces. In the same way that a free falling object moving with the gravitational nodes will not experience any force even though it is accelerating.
Viewed from this perspective the stories one hears of UFO craft making rapid 90 degree turns don't seem so improbable.

One possible way of manipulating these nodes is through a concentrated mind.
We hear of stories about people who are able to move objects through mind power alone.
One of the best known examples is the russian Nina Kulagina who demonstrated this ability in scientific tests [9].
Esoteric teachings tell us that thoughts are real things - energetic vibrations that can interact with the surroundings.
Perhaps thoughts are 4 dimensional (or higher) vibrations which would explain why our instruments cannot normally detect them.
However a focused thought if it were a 4D vibration would cause a shift in the 4D nodes and therefore could give rise to forces that move objects.

The other way that an aether flow could cause a reduction in weight is by reducing the resistive forces that an atom feels when jumping nodes.
As discussed in the Gravity page the gravitational force according to our model results from the atoms jumping from one low aether vibration node to another, brought about by the nodal drift near a planetary body.
One would expect that the resistive force is determined by some form of interaction of the atoms with the surrounding aether.
It is therefore reasonable to expect that a moving aether, in particular a vortex, would change in some way the atom-aether interaction responsible for the gravitational force.
Furthermore, in our model the gravitational force and inertial resistance (see Inertia) are caused by the same mechanism of node jumping.
Therefore this model predicts that if this mechanism is involved in weight reduction one would also experience a reduction in the inertial force, or inertial mass, of the object.
There is evidence of this happening with the Marcus Hollingshead device. It consists of orthogonal spinning toroidal coils constructed from bifilar windings [10].
When the unit is in operation it not only causes weight reduction but loss of inertial resistance.

Antigravity and High Voltage

It has been shown by several experiments that high voltages, usually over 100kV, can create unusual gravitational and inertial effects.
Many unusual effects have been observed with the Townsend Brown 'gravitor' experiments [6].
One example of this was that the unit, a kind of electrified pendulum, motion was found to depend on the position of the major planets!
The Hutchison effect [8] involves high DC voltages together with oscillating electromagnetic fields.

From an aether model perspective we can perhaps begin to understand some of what is going on by resorting to the concept of charge being a 4D aether vortex.
A high voltage plate for example would contain many little vortices whose combined effect would be to produce a macroscopic region of aether flow into the 4th dimension.
Although a little different to the rotational and magnetic aether vortices discussed previously one would expect that this aether flow would also create a shift in the 4D wave patterns that are responsible for gravity. One would therefore expect high voltages to influence the gravitational force.
In the Hutchison effect an oscillating electromagnetic field seems to be an important component of this process.
One would imagine that the RF fields create, through some sort of resonance effect, a significant change in the electron orbitals of the substances it affects. That such a strong effect is possible is attested to by the fact that this process is able to cold melt metals [11].
We therefore theorize that this internal change also affects the aether resistance to atomic node jumping, as discussed in the previous section, thereby reducing the force of gravity.
This combined with the high voltage producing the desired effect.

One consequence of this argument is that if we were to apply strong electromagnetic fields of the correct frequency, or combination of frequencies, to an object we should be able to produce a weight reduction even without the DC voltages.
Alternatively, a combination of a strong static magnetic field and alternating electrostatic fields could achieve similar results.
There is a lot of scope here for further investigation.


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