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In this part of the website we present information and items relating to esoteric or spiritual Astrology.

We give here an esoteric or spiritual perspective on how and why astrology works, with links to an esoteric/spiritual astrology resources that allows one to learn more about their soul purpose in this particular lifetime.

In the Background section we look at how Astrology works from an esoteric perspective.

In FAQ we address some of the more common questions and difficulties that people have in relation to Astrology.

Links contains Astrology related links.

A proper assessment of Astrology requires one to look at a complete chart taking into account all the planetary positions and aspects. The sun sign type predictions seen in the newspapers is not enough.
Even more can be done if the time of birth is known.
After working with Astrology for a number of years we are convinced that it is, if done properly, a valid way to learn about ourselves and other people.
The Background and FAQ sections discuss this topic further.

One of the best sources of information about spiritual/esoteric Astrology comes from master Hilarion via channeled information, which have proven to be quite accurate.
One of these is the book 'Astrology Plus' as channeled by Maurice Cooke.

However nothing beats a personal reading when it comes to looking at the complete picture as it relates to one's spiritual journey.
An astrologer can bring together and balance all the different bits of information contained in the chart in order to build a complete picture.

One of us (Guido Grzinic) offers Spiritual Astrology readings which include exploring a person's soul evolution and life purpose for this incarnation with refence to past life influences and important lessons undertaken in this lifetime.
All these things have an important influence on our daily lives, our relationships with others and why we attract a particular type of person, why we choose to be born in a particular family and the dynamics within these. It allows us to understand and deal with our fears better, see our strengths, and resolve deep seated issues.
For more information please visit Guido's personal website