Hyperdimensional Aether Model

We present here an alternative view our universe based on the concept of an all pervading fluid like hyperdimensional aether.

In this view, aether is the substrate within which all particles are formed and through which physical forces are mediated.
It allows us to describe the universe in a more intuitive way that eliminates many of the paradoxes and contradictions of standard theory.

  • 1 Aether
    In this section we examine the case for an all pervading aether. We address some of the main objections people have to it, such as the 'null' result of the Michelson-Morley experiment.
  • 2 Matter
    Here we consider the formation of physical matter from the aetheric perspective. We look at the nature of charge and introduce the 4th dimension into the picture. We also explore the possibility of teleportation through the 4th dimension.
  • 3 Magnetism
    This section presents magnetism as a movement of the aether. We consider how moving charges create magnetic fields and how it all fits in with relativity theory.
  • 4 Light
    Here we examine how light vibrations, including the photon, can be explained within the aether model. We also take a closer look at QED and the particle/wave duality of light, the photon energy as well as electron-positron annihilation.
  • 5 Gravity
    In this page we show how gravity can be explained as a manifestation of 4D aetheric waves. We also look at General Relativity from the aether perspective and consider a resolution to the conflict between GR and Quantum Electrodynamics.
  • 6 Inertia
    Under here we show how inertia and rotational forces can be explained from the perspective of 4D aetheric waves.
  • 7 Atoms&QM
    This section looks at atomic structure and quantum mechanics from the 4D aetheric wave perspective and fluid dynamics. We re-examine the particle wave duality of matter. We also look at the possible connection of sub-atomic particles to higher dimensions.
  • 8 Free Energy
    Here we look at free energy from the aether perspective, particularly as it relates to charge and spiral motion. We also give a 4D wave explanation of the Casimir effect.
  • 9 Antigravity
    In this section we consider how the aether model could be used to help explain antigravity and inertial loss experiments.
  • 10 Relativity
    This page looks at relativity from an aether perspective. In particular, time dilation, relativistic mass, E=mc2, the Doppler shift for light and the Big Bang.
  • Links
    Links contains Physics related links.
The author would like to acknowledge the work of Maurice B. Cooke and master Hilarion which has inspired and formed the starting point of this work.

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."                 - Einstein

"It's an embarrassment to physicists to have such a conflict between such well verified and accepted theories (Quantum Electrodynamics and General Relativity). In fact it is so painful, that most physicists don't even want to think about it."
                                                                                               - Prof. Jordan Maclay

"We don't know what we are talking about"
                         - Nobel laureate David Gross referring to the current state of string theory

"I consider it quite possible that Physics cannot be based on the field concept, that is, on continuous structures. Then nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, including the theory of gravitation, but also nothing of the rest of modern physics."
                                                                      - Einstein  (about a year before his death)

"Physicists seem to abandon their critical faculties when considering relativity."
                                                                                                   - Physicist Dr Louis Essen

"Far more harm is done to the progress of science by skepticism than by gullibility."
                           - Dr. Robert Wood, Director R & D, McDonnel-Douglas Astronautics Div.

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